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Are you:

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I can help you land that job with one to one interview coaching using personalised interview tips, crib sheets and advice. I can give you interview help via Zoom / FaceTime, or telephone – whatever suits you best.

I will Unlock your confidence, Secure you an impact and help you Practise what you will say.

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Announcement over 390 Successes ⭐️⭐️⭐️since I started my business #JobOffers or Places on Courses. Congrats to my lovely clients from all sectors all around the globe. I have the #BestJobInTheWorld & feel very privileged to help people at key crossroads in their #Careers #Blessed

Between them my clients have succeeded in getting:

398 Client Successes so far

(job offers or university places)

Well done to you all!

Online Webinar – “Emerge Stronger” – Solihull

– Nov 2020 – Job Search

I was pleased to be invited on to the expert panel for #Solihull Business Improvement District (BID’s) #JobSearch #webinar as part of their #EmergeStronger initiative.

Some brilliant #TopTips and ideas were shared and discussed

Click on this link to watch the webinar

“How to Succeed at your Next Interview”

by Claire B Jenkins and Dr Anita Pickerden

Illustrations by Anna Geyer

Available as a Kindle or a Paperback version –

please press the title above for the link to Amazon

Here’s a review from Lisa a University Careers Development Consultant:

“From the very start I found this book readable and accessible with some fun illustrations to make it even more user-friendly.  This is a great little book to help students and graduates to prepare for their first job interview. It’s full of practical advice, simple exercises as well as hints and tips on how to prepare, including what to research about the new company, how to answer difficult questions, what questions to ask interviewers and how to improve your confidence, first impression and personal presentation.

This book is ideal for any student’s job search and I’m pleased that it’s available as a paperback or e-book on Amazon.”

Blog – “Clean shoes = attention to detail”

What are your shoes “saying” about you?

Management Today

Asked me to collaborate on an article about:

“How to Ace a Competency-based Interview”

Thanks to Adam Gale for capturing the essence of our chat

Guardian Careers 

I was invited on the Expert Panel for @GuardianCareers for the following Live Chats:

“How to stay motivated and Job Hunt in uncertain times”

“The Ultimate Guide to Nailing any Job Interview”

“How to Ace a Panel Interview”

Here are the learning points from this webinar

“How to Boost your Confidence at a Job Interview”

“How to Stand Out in a Job Interview” 

And here’s the summary of the learning points from the debate

Dice UK

Thanks for asking me to contribute to this article Dice

“Advice for Tackling Permanent vs Contract Interviews”

Recommendation – Rebecca – 2023

I’ve been offered the job!!

Hasn’t quite sunk in yet and lots to think about but I’m absolutely thrilled.  I heard yesterday, which is exactly 20 years to the day that I started my maternity leave …

I absolutely know I wouldn’t have had any chance in the interview without your honesty and advice, so many, many thanks.

Recommendation – Kawika – 2021

“Claire was a brilliant coach that invested the time in getting to know what I was about as a professional and then layered that on top of what she knows hiring managers are looking for in their talent. It was like having a personal trainer get you ready for your own professional marathon – but by the time the day arrived it felt more like a 10k because of the hard yards you put in with Claire before it. I’d recommend to anyone looking to land that next big career-making role”

Case Study – “Guy” – 2019

Guy’s comments:

“Claire did a lot of research into the job I was applying for and tailored our session to show me how to present myself as a good fit for the role. I felt more prepared for my interview than I had ever done before.

She was very good at showing me how to be more in control in an interview situation and gave me the tools to express what I needed to get across.

For anyone who struggles with interviews I would really recommend a session with Claire. Thank you Claire!”

Guy’s wife Liz’s comments:

“I booked an interview coaching session with Claire for my husband who has always lacked confidence in interviews and finds ‘selling himself’ extremely difficult.

Claire sent a wealth of useful and well-structured information beforehand, including specific traits that were being sought by the company and a range of expected questions tailored to the specific role.

I was in the room when they had their session via Skype and was astounded at how Claire immediately made my husband feel at ease and soon managed to coax information out of him.

He thought he lacked a lot of experience that was relevant to the role but somehow Claire uncovered a range of situations from his current role and past experiences that could provide great examples to show he did have the required attributes and skills.

He seemed like a different person by the end of the session, having had a huge confidence boost. Even though he didn’t get the job this time, for the first time ever he came out of the interview smiling and feeling like he’d done a good job in getting everything he wanted to across and building a rapport with the interviewers.

The process of going through and recognising his skills and experience and learning how they are transferable and relevant and how to present them has been worthwhile and invaluable.

Claire is a true professional and extremely talented at what she does. I would say she has a genuine desire to help people fulfil their potential.”

Recommendation – Sahib – IT Technical Support – 2020

“Claire helped me understand the requirements and what was required from an interviewee with the various details an interviewer is looking for during any interview process. I strongly recommend Claire for her tips and guidance for preparing an interview.”

Recommendation – Vicky –

Sustainability & Engagement Manager – 2020

“Claire helped me prepare for the interview for my most recent job. Claire was brilliant at taking me through potential questions, highlighted which areas I needed to practice and made sure I’d thought through all of the competencies in the job description clearly and thoroughly. Her expertise in understanding competency based interview techniques was great, but not as great as how much our session helped me to overcome my nerves!”

Recommendation – Olivia – Assistant Buyer – 2020

“Having just graduated from university, I was really struggling with both job applications and interviews. Claire’s coaching helped me to dig deep into my experiences and identify skills I never thought I had! She helped me to realise my potential and have confidence in my interview answers. With Claire’s help I managed to secure my first job as an Assistant Buyer. I highly recommend Claire and her invaluable services!”

Recommendation – John – Senior Project Manager – 2018

“Claire’s interview training helped me to secure a job during the highly competitive period after the x industry downturn. The interview for this job lasted two hours and I would have struggled without Claire’s help to prepare.

Claire’s training was great for identifying strengths and weaknesses specific to the particular job description. We discussed a number of things that I would not have thought of on my own. The mock interview gave me a chance to practise and Claire then provided feedback from the perspective of a potential interviewer.

Claire’s one on one training provides value that cannot be obtained from generic self-help articles.”

Testimonial – 2018

“I found the coaching very useful and you provided me with some great techniques. I was so busy trying to take it all in – I wished I had taken more notes..!

… To be honest I found it quite hard, but there were a few hooks I had remembered to hang certain answers around and I just did my best. They also asked the one about my USP and suitable skills, so fortunately, I was able to use my motivation card!

I am delighted to say that I was offered the job! You could have knocked me down with a feather!

So thank you so much for taking the time to meet me. And for the personalised coaching – it was definitely what I was looking for.

I will certainly be in touch again if I find myself in a similar situation in the future!”

Testimonial – Emily – 2017

“I just wanted to let you know that, the day after the interview, I was offered the job!! Thank you so much for all your help – it was so useful. In particular, your tip about having 3 key selling points to mention in a snappy answer to the ‘why have you applied for the job’ question, and your advice about making my answers more attention-grabbing and interesting, really helped me.
As we talked about in our Skype session, this is a huge step forward for me in my career and comes after a long period of struggling with temporary contracts and unsuccessful interviews. I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet, but I’m really excited – and so grateful for the help you gave me which made it possible!”

Testimonial – Sandra – September 2016

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the interview coaching yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you and I found the session incredibly informative and insightful. Thank you also for the tip sheets and contacts. I will follow these up. I am feeling a lot more confident in preparing for future interviews and will keep you posted on my progress and will certainly recommend you to my friends.”

Testimonial – Jess – August 2016

“Claire I got the job!!!! Had a call back within an hour, they’d seen 12 people and I was the only one that got an offer! Have received offer letter and contract already! Thank you SO much for your help, have no hesitation recommending you to friends and relatives”

Successful client – Blog about the journey to her new job

– Ania – University Project Manager – February 2016

Successful client email – John – May 2016

“Just a quick note after a successful day where I had a formal interview and was offered a full time job. I am really excited by this prospect and looking forward to working with a fabulous group of new colleagues.

Thank you so much for your help in preparing me for the interview. It improved my confidence immensely and prepared me for the standard interview questions which did come up (or I got away with answering instead of those that were actually asked!).

I think it’s fair to say I impressed them, as it felt more like they were selling themselves to me.  Thank you.”

Successful client recommendation – Rebecca – March 2016

“Claire’s coaching helped me get the job I wanted. She helped me speak more clearly about my strengths and present myself more confidently. Claire has a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors, and her session and preparatory materials are tailored to suit her client and the relevant sector/job.

Best of all, working with Claire gave me the confidence I needed to relax and present my best, most capable self in the interview. I can recommend her service to anyone needing better interview technique.”

Worcester University – Lunch time interactive group workshop

– feedback from January, March & April sessions 2016

Over 85% of the group found it “very helpful” in “helping you to promote yourself effectively to employers” with these specific comments:

“Students found the session helpful, addressed issues of concern, enjoyable with useful hints and techniques”

“ good engaging talk, really useful, great techniques, more confident in moving forward”

“useful with good advice given, well answered questions and a good balance of presentation and interaction”

Happy client email – TV & Media – February 2016

“I was a lot more focussed in my interview today after your coaching and I tried to follow the STAR concept as much as possible and made him laugh as well.

Regardless if I get the job or not I feel that I clicked into gear, I was more relaxed and crucially a lot more prepared, focused and concise. I think I did myself justice.

I’ll let you know what they have to say but thank you for your time and coaching. Honestly, it was invaluable and I think it’ll come useful in more arenas than just the interview forum.”

Successful client email – Kate – Academic – Nov 2015

“Thanks so much for the session. It was really helpful alerting me to how I could present myself more effectively… and…I was successful in securing the promotion!

At one point an interviewer stopped me, saying, ‘yes, you’ve convinced me that you can effect change…’ so I knew your coaching had been valuable and I was presenting evidence of my claims in my stories!

Many, many thanks Claire. I’ll recommend you to colleagues of course.”

Recommendation – Steve – Senior Project Manager – Oct 2015

“I now have 2 great offers on the table from 2 household name companies.
The help you gave me was immensely useful in helping me understanding my skills & how to structure answers so that I could best sell my transferable skills for roles that before I wouldn’t have even considered myself viable for before. That meant I could walk in to each interview totally confident that I would be able to cope with anything that was thrown at me.
Anyway, thanks for your help. Now I need to decide which offer suits me best!”

Recommendation – Ian – Employability Mentor – Sept 2015

“As an employability mentor I decided to seek help at interviews for myself as I was recently re-interviewed for my own job as part of a restructure. Claire offered great interview advice over Facetime. I was not confident this would work at the time but it was a great was to receive sound advice in this format. My manager noticed how I had improved which gave me a boost and I retained my job. Thanks Claire.”

Client email – Tom – IT Specialist – July 2015

“I did feel that your help was very useful. You helped me think of examples from my work and personal life that related to certain job skills that I’d never thought of before. I think being able to draw on these experiences helped not only improve my interview technique (especially with STAR) but also my CV, covering letters and application forms for different placements – and the (employer’s) application form especially as this is based on how one relates to the core competencies of the company. So far I’m loving my new job!”

Recommendation for my CV re-writing service:

“I have a very big pay rise and I am back working in the Scientific sector in the area which was looking impossible as I had been out of this area for a few years.

Your work on my CV helped considerably, as the interviews came flying in once you had worked on my CV, I could not have got this far and this job without your assistance. Every company I had an interview with said that they really liked my CV. I will definitely recommend you to other people.

I am looking forward to starting my new job in four weeks time.

Thank you for all your help and advice.”

Recommendation – Patricia, Senior Project Manager – June 2015

“Claire has a fantastic wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares generously in her coaching. She is very pragmatic and detailed in her approach at One to One which really makes learning from her a very valuable experience. ”

Recommendation – Edward, Solicitor – June 2015

“Claire is an excellent interview coach and with her help, after only 2 sessions, I was successful at 2 job interviews. I was impressed with the way Claire had thoroughly prepared each session, including some very useful diagrams. She helped me to focus my preparation before going to the interviews and we also worked on how to communicate my responses, which was extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire. ”

Testimonial – Clare, Chartered Accountant – April 2015

“Claire’s guidance and support gave me the tools to be a successful interview candidate, and provided me with the confidence to not just get through but sell myself and enjoy the interview. Claire’s help was pivotal in getting my new role. Thank you.”

Worcester Uni – feedback (March 2015) from their Careers team about my #interactiveskills workshop:

Over 90% of the group found it “very helpful” and “useful with good advice given, well answered questions and a good balance of presentation and interaction”

Thanks folks and good luck with your job search

Recommendation – Dr Jo Hudson, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University – Feb 2015:

“Claire has considerable expertise and she has a talent for drawing the best out of people. I certainly have never felt more prepared for a job interview than when working with Claire. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants help with their career. It will be time and money well spent.”

Grateful client email – January 2015:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the help with my CV. I was offered a job but unfortunately while the role was perfect for me, the company itself was less enticing. However in my interview he specifically mentioned that it was the CV you had written for me that brought me to his attention and I was offered the job on the spot rather than waiting for him to interview other candidates.

Thanks for all the changes you made to my CV!

(My partner) has also asked if you could work your magic with hers as well, would that be ok?” …good luck with using your new CV in future Sam & happy to help your “other half” too!

Recent success – client got a place at airline pilot school after our coaching session. He’s ecstatically happy because before we met he’d failed at a previous interview and this was his last chance

Feedback from Univ of Worcester undergrad workshop – Oct 2014

“Excellent points made to help me in interviews, feel confident now with future interviews. Will remember key points for reference”,

“Some really useful advice, good to get real examples from people in the workshop & hear about their experiences”, and:

“Lots of good tips & good opportunity to ask questions & get advice”

Testimonial – Ian – Employability Adviser – Sept 2014

“I felt really prepared and rehearsed. That gave me confidence right at the start. Your input was soooooo helpful. I had a new confidence not felt before, felt prepared and was much more succinct than ever before so no matter the outcome, I’m leaner and fitter mentally from this.”

Testimonial – Maria – Ernst & Young – August 2014

“I had a session with Claire where she helped me to prepare for a competitive job interview at a Big 4 firm. Claire was very knowledgeable about the type of interview that I had (Person-Centred interview) and provided me with valuable insights into what the interviewer would be looking for. This helped me to focus the way I structured my answers in order to meet the criteria better. In addition, Claire shared her top tips and techniques which were very practical. Finally, her positive and empowering attitude boosted my confidence. My session with Claire was very useful, and I am happy to report that I received a job offer out of thousands of applicants”

Job Offer – Alan – Finance Manager – Aug 2014

“Claire is on top of her game. She has an excellent approach to interview preparation and inspires confidence through her innovative approach. I would recommend her to anyone (and have!).”

Job Offers – Nicola – “Time Out” – July 2014

“Claire has helped me prepare for two job interviews, one at the start of my career and another very recently, and after both interviews I was offered the job! It was really useful to talk everything through with her as she identified things I hadn’t thought about and gave great advice for how to approach different questions and which parts of my experience to mention. It gave me extra confidence and I felt reassured afterwards that I was as prepared as I could be. I would definitely recommend her to anyone going for an interview.”

Job offer – Senior University Lecturer – July 2014

“thanks as ever for the insightful and inspiring comments! You have definitely found your vocation :)) Which I guess is good given your business!! …The positive feedback was that I discussed my leadership really well. So that’s good feedback on all the work we did! … thanks for your help as you definitely helped me get the job and to get considered seriously twice for a massively senior role …I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a similar service in future.”

Recommendation – Bill – Senior Safety Consultant – July 2014

“Anyone embarking on job application and interview would gain great benefit from talking to Claire. On the eve of early retirement I found myself shortlisted for a job that would offer considerable reward for my long earned skills and experiences. Not having been interviewed for many years Claire came highly recommended so I turned to her for help. Her approach was extremely thorough and professional, not only did she pick open my CV but she also matched my skills and abilities to the Job and person spec in such a way that we were able to anticipate the direction the process may take. Claire’s experience and skill in coaching along with her knowledge of selection and appointment was exactly the right support at the right time. Not only did she help me shape the right interview approach and responses but perhaps more importantly she helped me understand a little more about myself as well as.”

Group Coaching Session for staff under threat of redundancy – at a local charity  – feedback from the HR Manager – 5 out of 6 subsequently got job offers:

“The feedback from the Workshop was very positive, they all enjoyed the session and took a lot away from it. I sat on the interview panel and was able to see that the staff had implemented what they had learnt. They all did well.”

Assessment Centres & Psychometric Tests

If you want to find out what one of these kind of tests may say about you before you have one at an interview or Assessment Centre then I can give you feedback from TRAIT – an online profiling tool developed by Aston University Business School. (Please see more information on the “Contacts & Links” page)