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Individuals – Considering a career change?

Organisation – Needing Outplacement services for your staff?

I recommend that you also look at the “Work Horizons” website

If you decide to take membership then please press the following link:

I’d like to join Work Horizons

Assessment Centres and Psychometric Tests –

“Trait Personality Inventory”

If you’re applying for a job where you think these may be involved you might want to practise a personality test and see what it shows a potential employer about you.

I can arrange for you to complete one online and then I will give you feedback on what the results suggest about your personality traits as well as typical competency-based questions that you may be asked at interview as a result of how you answered the test.  It will also make suggestions about areas for potential development.

Cost – from £200

It’s called the “Trait Personality Inventory” and it was designed by Aston University Business School.  I am licensed to use it for development coaching as well as selection and recruitment purposes.

A recent client said this about “Trait”:  ”…at first I was very sceptical about its usefulness, the results and how they would be put across in our discussion session.  Claire’s approach was extremely professional, very approachable and highly confidential allowing me to be myself and putting me completely at ease with the whole process. The session was absolutely fantastic and gave me an understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses.  It has been extremely useful and very powerful to have awareness of these areas and it made me feel confident about myself and how I can help myself ensuring that others see the best in me as I progress – not only in my work life but also my personal life.”

Caroline – Senior Change Management Consultant 

Wildwood Coaching #Outplacement #Redundancy support

I’m excited to announce that I will be working alongside June Hogan of Wildwood Coaching to supply outplacement support to staff at risk of redundancy.

Please follow this link if you’d like to find out more about what they offer.

Style Consultant

Making a great first impression is key to your success at interviews.  Research shows that only around 7% of the impact you make is through verbal communication, so it makes sense to ensure you’re appropriately dressed and well groomed.  A personalised image/style consultation will give you the skills you need to have the edge on your competitors.

Find out more by contacting Judith Mercer for a free, no obligation chat.

Getting Fit

Why not check out the health related benefits of regular exercise – improved self-image, self-confidence increases, and decrease in stress.

Please contact: Allison Stretton-Byrne on

Here’s a link to her website:

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