One to One Interview Coaching by Claire B Jenkins

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Preparing for interviews / groups

My services are suitable for:

  • Universities, University Undergrads / Graduates e.g University of Wolverhampton, University of Worcester
  • Sixth Forms / FE Colleges e.g. St Martins School, Solihull
  • Companies restructuring or those making redundancies e.g Wolverhampton PCT
  • Organisations wanting to develop their existing staff and encourage them to achieve internal promotions e.g Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, NAS/UWT, Warwickshire County Council


Worcester University – Lunch time workshop

– feedback from Jan, Mar, Apr and Nov sessions 2016

Over 90% of the group found it “very helpful” in “helping you to promote yourself effectively to employers” with these specific comments:

“… helpful, addressed issues of concern, enjoyable with useful hints and techniques”

“ good engaging talk, really useful, great techniques, more confident in moving forward”

“useful with good advice given, well answered questions and a good balance of presentation and interaction”


Worcester University – January 2015

“Thank you so much for coming in to deliver the session, there are some excellent comments received from attendees.

  • Very engaging, found out a lot of new and helpful information
  • Very helpful and engaging. Worked through step by step, which make the talk very clear – thanks!
  • Great tips & examples. Great interaction with the group. I learned a lot which will greatly help me in my next interview
  • Very helpful and informative feel better about going to interviews
  • Very helpful, real life tips & enjoyable to listen to
  • Gave me confidence in what I already know and some new ideas
  • Good advice for preparation.
  • Lots of helpful tips and insight to the interview process
  • Enjoyed the workshop as it was very helpful. Claire was very easy to talk to.”

Group Coaching Session for staff under threat of redundancy – at a local charity – (subsequently 5 out of the 6 staff were offered jobs)

– HR Manager – December 2013:

“The feedback from the Workshop was very positive, they all enjoyed the session and took a lot away from it. I sat on the interview panel and was able to see that the staff had implemented what they had learnt. They all did well.”

University of Wolverhampton Lecturer – Mock Interview Panels and Interview Skills Interactive Workshop 

– Spring 2013

“(One student) came to tell me how grateful he was for having had the mock interview experience. He had an interview for a Team Leader role recently and as a direct result of the interview process he remembered to memorise the mission statement and key characteristics of the job and the company and made good use of Claire’s advice to start stories with ‘It’s like when I…’.  Apparently one of the interviewers (his line manager) said he was really impressed and had no idea that he had such potential …and didn’t rate his chances but having seen him at interview totally reversed his opinion.  It is not certain that he will get the promotion but he will as a consequence be going on the graduate trainee scheme and the line manager is going to actively look for some promotion opportunities for him.”

Worcester University – Interview Skills Interactive Workshop

– April 2013

The majority of the group gave my session top marks and say they now feel “much more” able to present themselves at interview.

The students’ comments included:

“excellent trainer”

“very useful in preparation for an interview.  Highlighted some things I wouldn’t have thought of”

“clear and sensible advice”

Testimonial – Wolverhampton PCT – Oct 2012: 

“Claire delivered a series of group and 1:1 sessions to provide my team with interview skills training and support, to prepare for our current reorganisation. The transition to a new organisation and new structure has been particularly stressful and Claire was able to provide some very practical support to help them prepare for job applications and interviews. They found this a very positive experience and have some very useful tips and techniques to work with. Claire led the sessions very effectively, prepared extensively and is very warm and personable in her approach – I would be very pleased to recommend Claire.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

– Sept 2012:

“I wanted to thank you for the training and 1:1s for the team. I’ve had lots of positive feedback – they found it really useful and I can see a more positive energy coming from them as a result already. I think they have seen this as a very positive and uplifting experience amongst the current uncertainty and mess! We may need more support as this process goes on – if so, I’ll let you know. Thanks again for the positive and practical support – I very much appreciate it and I know the team does too.”

“A positive in a sea of negativity – thank you” – from a Feedback Form


University of Wolverhampton – Senior Lecturer – Tracy McCoy

– April 2012:

“Claire facilitated a highly interactive feedback session “Essential Dos and Don’t for Interviewees: Preparation and Performance” for candidates in our mock interview exercise. Engaging and interactive, reflective exercises were the order of the day. Claire also circulated some invaluable tips and prompt sheets. Exemplary performance. I look forward to working more with Claire in the near future.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Shanika Reid – Beauty Therapist – Feb 2012

“I must say your teaching session really resonated with me and I definitely found the topics interesting.  And yes…I loved it.  I’m almost willing an interview to come up so I can see how it works in practice.”


Mock Interview Case Study

Tracy McCoy – Senior Lecturer – University of Wolverhampton – April 2011

“Claire’s consultation and collaboration with me saw her sharing human resources and recruitment expertise with academic and support staff from the University of Wolverhampton. Specifically, Claire provided insight and guidance regarding the structure and equity of mock interview processes for final year video and film production students at the School of Art & Design. 

Claire worked collaboratively with myself and my colleague Lisa Price from the Careers Development Team to devise an experiential learning process in which students were recorded participating in a mock interview and then given video feedback on their progress. Claire took on the role of Chair of the panel, guiding the process and imbuing the experience with a professional distance as befits such a learning exercise for final year undergraduates. 

Claire gave of her time and expertise freely and extensively and was a highly valued member of our team. Additionally, she devised some essential guidelines on interview preparation which she has shared with the students via our on line e-portfolio framework. 

Claire’s knowledge of recruitment processes is second to none and her professionalism and charismatic approach has contributed greatly to the success of this pilot project. Indeed Claire is held in such high regard that she has already been asked to consult and participate in further mock recruitment processes/training for other faculties of the University. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire.”

Lisa Price – Careers Adviser – University of Wolverhampton

“I have worked with Claire Jenkins on several mock interview panels that I have been involved with at The University of Wolverhampton; together we have helped students from various disciplines develop their interview technique. Claire has proved to be a real asset in these situations, contributing the skills and knowledge she has acquired through all her years of people management and of recruitment and selection. She has a lovely manner with the students, dealing with them as individuals with different development needs and ensuring that they have felt comfortable but also challenged. In the scenarios that I have worked alongside Claire, she has gone above and beyond to provide relevant, thoughtful and profoundly useful feedback and has taken the initiative to create crib sheets and handouts that will be useful in training sessions.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire: she has proved to be extremely capable, personable and has a great deal to offer.”